TEAMS Approval Notifications

November 17, 2014

TEAMS Business Services Notifications

TEAMS software includes a notification feature that sends an email each time an approval is required for requisitions, position approval and other TEAMS application. For example, there is an approval notification sent per line item for each cart or requisition, the volume of these notifications can be overwhelming. To assist you in managing these notifications, TEAMS provides some options as to how the system notifies you. Below are the set-up options you have.

  • Option 1 - Email notification sent each time an approval is required.
  • Option 2 - The user can define what notifications they want to receive.
  • Option 3 - A scheduled notification can be set up to send on a regular interval; hourly, daily, weekly, etc.

If you are part of an approval workflow and do not receive notifications or you would like to customize the notifications you receive, please submit an e-work order requesting your notification settings be changed. You will be contacted to determine the best option for you.

If this email does not pertain to you, please disregard.

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