Chaos Theory Tagline Poster

By:Fatema Neemuchwala

Little Actions Can Make A Big Difference:

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Group Discussion Responses

We think that the chaos theory is presented in the story when the whole future has changed just because Eckels deviates off the path on his way back to the time machine and kicks up some dirt. This story also sends us a message about chaos theory. It is telling us to be very careful about our decisions and that every little choice we make affects us, the people around us and the future. An example of this message would be something that happened a couple weeks ago. My mom went out to buy groceries, but before she had left she had told me to do the dishes and my laundry. I complained about doing them to her, before she left, but I ended up doing them anyways and doing my brother's chores as well. It didn't take too long, so I started watching TV. When my mom can home and saw me sitting on the couch, eating chips, she immediately thought that I spent my entire time watching TV and sent me upstairs after yelling at me. A little while later when she had seen that I actually had done my chores and I did my brother's, she came to my room and said that she was sorry for yelling at me and that she appreciated what I did for her. That made my day, because even though my day started out, doing something I didn't like, my mom telling me she appreciated me made me feel elated and satisfied with myself. This example fits with the story's message because the story is saying how every little action affects something else and doing mine and my brother's chores affected my mom's workload, giving her some more time to just relax. I came up with the tag-line by thinking about what the chaos theory means and how that relates to the story. Eckles made the little action of kicking some dirt and that ended up affecting the entire future and even who was elected as President.