Shedd Aquarium

Chicago, IL

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Parts of the building

Some animals they have!

Asleep with the Fishes!

You can have a sleep over at the Shedd Aquarium! Exploring the aquarium to learn about animals. Have a scavenger hunt and an aquatic show and have a amphibians special exhibit.
Chicago Deep Dive: Shedd Aquarium - Leading With A Purpose - Chase

Now you can visit Piquet and her calf!!

Pacific white-sided dolphin Piquet and her newborn appear to be doing well. The calf has already passed several important milestones. YOU CAN VISIT THEM NOW!!

Animals form the Galapagos islands!

We have some new animals here! come and see are new unique animals from a beautiful enchanting island!!

Penguin encounter

You can be up close! you can pet them and help train them for 60min!!
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Saving Endangered Animals

They help save some endangered animals. Go and see what kinds they all have!!!!

Adopt a penguin!

Symbolically adopt an animal at Shedd and support there mission and high quality animal care. It can be 25$, 64$, 89$, or more.

$25 donation
• Photo of the adopted animal
• Information about the species
• Certificate of your support
• Special pin

$64 donation

All benefits of $25 donation, plus:
• Animal plush in gift packaging

$89 donation

All benefits of $25 donation, plus:
• Large animal plush in gift packaging