Sports Injuries

Lauren Kirkley

Most Common Sports Injuries:

The most common injuries seen in sports are sprains and strains. A sprain occurs when a ligament is stretched past its limit and the ligament is torn. A strain occurs somewhat similarly to a sprain, when tendons are stretched too far or muscle fibers are overworked. Common sprains and strains occur in the ankle, wrist, hamstring, groin, and knee (ACL tear). There are many other injuries that can occur such as broken bones, shin splints, turf toes, tennis elbow, overuse injuries etc.

What Causes Sports Injuries?

There are many factors that could contribute to an injury while participating in sports and other physical activities. One reason for so many ACL tears is that the ACL is not strong enough to support long hours of repetitive activity. This same concept goes for most sprains and strains. The muscles, tendons, and ligaments are often not strong enough to support the body during the physical activity therefore resulting in injury. Training can also affect whether or not an injury occurs. If one is not training properly such as diving right into the activity without preparing the muscles weeks in advance, not having a good warm-up so the muscles get nice and warm/loose, and improper technique while performing the activity. All of these factors can play in a role in a sports injury such as a sprain or strain.

Symptoms of Sports Injuries:

Symptoms or sprains usually include the following

-Pain in affected area

-Swelling of the area

-Bruising may occur

-Movement of the injured joint is limited

Symptoms of strains usually include the following

-Pain in affected area

-Swelling of the area

-Muscle Spasms may occur

-Movement of injured muscle is limited

Symptoms of ACL tear usually include the following

-A loud popping noise may be heard

-Extreme pain

-Movement to continue activity is not possible

-Swelling of the knee that worsens as time goes on

-Non-weight bearing

How to Prevent a Sports Injury:

Just like there are many factors that contribute to an injury, there are many different ways to prevent an injury. Many are simple fixes such as

-having a good warm up that really gets all of the muscles, tendons and ligaments really warm and loose

-preparing for activity a couple of weeks in advance to get the muscles used to the activity decreases chance of injury

-learn how to properly perform the activity so that a certain muscle is not overworked

-mixing up workout routines allows for the muscles to have a break so that they have time to rest and repair

-certain exercises and stretches can help to make muscles, tendons and ligaments stronger so that they can more easily support the movements that the body performs during the activity


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