Chancellor News and Notes

February 1, 2016

Happy February!

Already one month down in 2016! Hopefully January has been successful for whatever goals you have set for yourself, and that you are continuing to work toward them! And it's never too late to start a new goal! Accountability partners are everywhere, if you just ask! Something fun: Don't forget to sign up for your Valentines Secret Pal in the front office by Thursday if you would like to participate in the fun!

Safety Audit Time!

Safety Audit Time!

Starting tomorrow, there will be safety auditors throughout Alief for the next few weeks. We do not know who they are, but we do know what they are looking for, so please be vigilant in the following:

  • Do not prop any doors. All pod doors must remain closed (except during arrival and dismissal, which all schools have permission to allow students to enter).
  • Check ALL adults for badges.
  • If an adult does not have a visible badge, ask to see it.
  • No badge? Escort the adult to the office to sign in (do not just direct them to go there!).
  • Report any suspicious individuals to the office.
  • Do not let anyone in from side doors, playground, or the back door. Direct them to go to the front office to sign in.
  • Tell your students not to let anyone into the building .

Dress Code: Observations and Reminders

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Some observations have been made on dress code in our building, and a few reminders are in order. We are a business-casual environment, and we are getting a little too casual! There is a district dress code which must be adhered to.

These are some of the areas that we need to address at Chancellor:

  • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.
  • Jeans are only to be worn on Fridays or "jean days" (and this includes colored jeans).
  • Skinny jeans and pants that are REALLY tight are not work-appropriate.
  • Leggings or tights are not pants...if you wear leggings or tights, you MUST wear an appropriate length skirt, dress or tunic, that reaches to 2 inches above the knee.
  • Work-out clothing is NOT appropriate for work unless you are a PE teacher (so Coach Dale and Coach Smith, ya'll are good). I know Go-Noodle requires us to move around and teachers are using this, but do not wear work-out clothing to work even if you use Go-Noodle.
  • Spaghetti or thin strap tanks are not business-casual.
  • Any shirt or dress that requires you to constantly "re-adjust" the top due to a low cut or tight cut is not appropriate for a school or work environment.
  • Provocative clothing is not business-casual.

Business Casual Dress and Skirt Examples

Business Casual Pant Examples...

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Business Casual Legging Looks...

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Business Casual Shoe Wear

  • Comfort is a big deal for teachers and staff! Wear shoes that look nice, but make sure they are comfortable! Flats, boots, low wedges, comfort shoes, and athletic shoes on jean days are all acceptable for business-casual wear.
  • Sandals (not a lot of these right now but the weather is getting warmer, so..) must be appropriate for business-casual. This means no flip-flops. Thong-style sandals can be appropriate if they are not made for the beach or shower. You know the difference. :)
  • If your shoe or sandal has no back, first: decide if it is business-casual (would you wear it in front of our area superintendent who stops in often?) and second: is it safe for you to wear to work (up and down stairs, going outside, and possibly chasing after runners...)?
  • Clean and professional looking is always appropriate

If you are still not sure...

Ask someone! Or go to Pinterest and type in Business Casual. Or go to Google. That's where all of these pictures came from! We want to put our best foot forward in our district, and be seen as a top-performing school. Part of that is the way our staff stands out. Do we look the part as professional staff members? Or do we look like high school students?
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How is your heart?

PE will be promoting American Heart Health Month by participating in the annual American Heart Association's Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart. Your students will be fundraising and having a great time jumping rope this month, or shooting hoops if they are in the older grades. Join in the fun! Help fund-raise by getting a fundraiser packet from Coach Smith or Coach Dale, go jump rope or shoot hoops during specials time, and wear jeans with a red shirt on Wednesdays.
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And last but not least...

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This Thursday is the 100th day of school!!! Remind your students to dress for the 100th day! You can too! There are so many ideas out there for what to for 100th day- just Google or Pinterest if you are not sure. Make your own shirt, wear 100 objects, dress like you're 100! It will be awesome! And if you decide to dress for 100th day, you can wear jeans (if it fits in with your outfit)!