University of Washington Bothell

Peer Mentorship Project

Who is involved?

The University of Washington Bothell is looking for commuting sophomores that are interested in making connections, learning about the campus and community, and gaining invaluable resources while working with a junior or senior mentor.

What can I expect?

This project starts fall quarter 2012. Mentors and mentees particpate in meetings (times TBA) to determine what the mentorship project will look like and how it will function. Winter quarter 2012 is the quarter where the mentorship actually starts. Mentors and mentees will participate in on-campus and off-campus events, collaborate as a team or as a couple to achieve goals or make connections. The winter quarter will provide students with 2 credits (credit or no credit).

There are only a few spots left for sophomore mentees so sign up now!

For more details, contact Cora Thomas at