Week Three of Eight

Continuing the draft - Organizing - Academic Standards

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Looking Back

Last week, we defined where is our place.

Integration into the Writing Community - into the culture - removes the competition and - dare I say - the loneliness that may incur associated with other professions. Every stanza, poetry line, or expression - rather written, visual, or audio - is meant to be shared. Even if the audience is a future self or has yet to be born.

Any silly idea can be a gem.
Mistakes could lead to unexplored avenues no one has dared to travel.
Know that you matter.

Consider - how does such an environment assist in the development of our authentic selves?

Leaping Forward

Planning to think

To effectively communicate, organization is required.
Individual words are linked into sentences. Sentences are grouped together for paragraphs. Paragraphs provide meaning, intent, and audience awareness.

Without organization, our audience, not matter who or when, would be left alone - and communication would not be achieved. We would truly be alone.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss thesis in the context of the standards of contemporary academic publishing
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to align classmates’ work with the goal of possible publication
  • Organize thoughts around thesis, covering all major topics and ideas

Assignments due

3 Continuing Drafting: The Standards of Professional Publication

How to Write Your Undergraduate Dissertation, Part 6 (pp. 239–264)

3-1 Discussion: Standards of Professional Publication

3-2 Structural Outline

------- Several resources are available this week and far to many to post here!
Please explore the Reading and Resource options for sources that may assist in organization, completing the outline, and structuring the thesis.