A Man Named Dave

Kloe Juzwiak

A Man Named Dave

A Man Named Dave takes place in Dave's old house and the air force. During the past the main conflict in the story is when Dave remembers all of the horrible things his mother did to him and joins the air force. The book begins with Dave remembering the terrible past and him signing up for the air force.

About The Main Character

The main character is Dave Pelzer. Three words to describe the main character are depressed, curious, and smart. The character is motivated by his dad giving him his firefighter badge and that made him want to be free and do whatever he wanted. I like the main character because he stood up to his mother and tried so hard to beat her and knock her down. The relationship between Dave and his mother is horrible and his mother beat him so hard when he was young he nearly died.


The theme of the novel is Dave and his mother hate each other and Dave went to the air force. One example that supports the theme is Dave hates his mother because she abused him when he was young. Another example is Dave's mother hates him because hes a "bad child". A third example from the book is Dave went to the air force because he likes planes. A final example that supports the theme is Dave also hates his mother because she didn't care about his father and got all his money.

Book Rating

I rate the book a seven because its a really good and inspiring book but, I didn't read all of it and also its good because Dave is a strong man to go threw all of this pain with his mother.


This relates to teens in this novel because some teens might of gone threw something like this and Dave tries to tell them to not be afraid to speak up to other adults, and to safe yourself from being hurt and abused from others.