Habit Information/ Community Interactions


Biome--> forest habit

Habit--> interior of Isla Escudo. Although previously thought to exclusively inhabit the red mangroves of the island, recent tracking studies have found the sloths on the interior of the island, in dense tropical rainforest.

Community Interactions

The Pgmy three toed sloth is a completely dependent animal. and completely dependent on those leafs from where they live. Since they are a herbivore they are preyyed on mainly by Major predators of this species include spectacled owls, harpy eagles and a variety of felid species. However sloths have are mutualists with algae, which reside in the coats of sloths. The presence of algae confers a greenish tint to the outermost fur coat, which is hypothesized to function as camouflage. It has also been suggested that algae provides essential trace elements and nutrients. In exchange, algae receives shelter in the coats of their host and sunlight, as sloths prefer sections of sun-exposed canopy.
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