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March 29-April 2

Dates to Remember

April 7th-FSA writing for 6th and 7th grade

April 8th-FSA writing for 8th grade

April 9th--3rd Quarter Ends

Administration Announcements

Hello, FSDB Families!

Wanted to let you know that you will soon be receiving the paper copy for the FSDB Parent Climate Survey next Friday, April 9th. The survey should take about 15 mins to complete and we would like all surveys returned by Wednesday, April 28th. We really want to learn from you!

Thank you for partnering with us so your children can do more, be more, and achieve more! Have a wonderful long weekend!

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Ms. Newton's Notes

Hello DMS Families!

This upcoming week will be a busy one. It is the end of the quarter and all students will be taking the FSA writing test as well. Please be sure your student is on time, well-rested, and has eaten breakfast. We can't wait for them to show off what they have learned.


Florida Standards Assessment is spread out over the next few months. Here is the calendar for testing. Please be sure your child is in school on the testing dates.

Karen Newton

Assistant Principal

A Note from the Principal: Angela Saunders

Happy April Deaf Department Families,

The end of the third quarter is April 9th. Teachers are busy completing grades and IEP progress monitoring. As we wrap up the third quarter, we are planning end of the year activities for our students. Per our reopening plan, we are continuing to hold activities either on campus where social distancing is possible or virtually. Our traditional end of the year awards, programs, and honor events will be streamed virtually for you to view, rather than hosting events for families on campus. The one event in which we will invite a limited number of families will be our senior commencement ceremonies. Invitations will be sent out to those families with details.

Did you know you can view school photos of your child online? They are all in one place and you have options to purchase packages. Go to and click on find your photos. It will ask you for a gallery ID. The gallery ID is your child’s 5 number food service keypad number. If you need this number, please feel free to ask your child or reach out to the school.

I want to thank you for all of the support and encouragement you continue to give. It is taking a village to support our FSDB family through this year.

Have a restful three-day weekend,


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Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Seventh grade students are learning about probability. What better way than with rock, paper, scissors?! Students were working on probability (theoretical-prediction versus experimental-using the data and playing the game). According to statistics, they should win about 33% of the time (3/9 possibilities) and so we actually played 30 times to see if our experimental probability was close to the theoretical probability.
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The girls in Gregg Hall have been very relaxed these last two weeks since Spring Break. They were happy to be back and be with their “sisters” again in the dorm. They still follow their evening routines, go to sports practices and recreation. Recreation always has been their favorite part of the day. They really enjoy the activities that our recreation department had planned for them. They did intense full-body yoga, played giant spoons and kingpin soccer. During curriculum time, we discussed trustworthiness and the girls got to talk about their experience related to that topic. This gives a better perspective to other students who listened to the stories from other people. The girls are looking forward to the upcoming Easter party. They will have spaghetti for dinner and do an egg hunt. We will spread out 250 eggs all over the dorm and outside.

In McLane, staff have started teaching the boys how to make bread. It is a good opportunity for them to learn some cooking skills and they get to enjoy the bread when they are done. They worked on their listening and responding skills and enjoyed the activity. To celebrate Spring and the nice weather, the boys had a small party and cookout outside. Staff cooked hotdogs, chicken skewers, and cinnamon rolls with the help of the boys. Each boy had a duty like helping cook, cleaning up, or handing out drinks. The students played outside and had a fun time enjoying the warm weather.

Staff met with the students about responsibility and developing goals for the future. Staff discussed preparing different long term and short term goals. The boys talked about different aspirations that they had for the future and what kind of education, jobs or careers they wanted to pursue. The students discussed what kind of steps were needed to help achieve their goals.

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ASL Class Survey

FSDB Parents, we want to hear from you! Complete the survey if you are interested in signing up for ASL classes.

Let's Have Fun with Literacy!

Families are spending more time than ever before home together. Take a moment to review the booklist and decide which item your family would have the most fun with!

Funding for this project is through our Title I Parent Services Budget. Items will be provided on a first come first served basis until funds are depleted. If you’d like to learn more about either of these grants please contact FSDB Parent Liaison, Misty Porter, or your Assistant Principal.

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