Deborah Alessi

Face Forward

How One Organization Is Saving Lives Of Women And Children

Not everyone who has suffered domestic violence is ever able to pick themselves up after the horrendous events and live a new life. It is sad that so many people are abused on a daily basis while many others are subject to living conditions that are not worthy of a human being. Domestic violence can occur in so many ways and there are a lot of people who have unfortunately witnessed or been victims. More often than not the victims choose to be silent about their ordeals because they do not wish to be stigmatized for the same. There are also those who keep quiet because they fear for their lives or their safety. This is however not something that you need to do anymore. You need to speak out against any acts of violence against you whether at home or at your place of work.

Through Face Forward Deborah Alessi has been able to help a lot of victims of violence realize that there is a lot more to life than what they have been subject to. So many victims are now able to start new lives in the hope that things could only get better. It is this promise of a second chance at life that can give the victims some hope that their lives are still worth living and fighting for. Deborah herself managed to overcome a violent and abusive relationship to become who she is today, and this is one of the reasons why she understands the plight of others in a similar situation.

The effects of domestic violence and abuse are tremendous especially to the women. Some of them are abused even when they are pregnant, and this has terrible effects to the unborn child. There are so many women who have had miscarriages as a result of the abuse they get at home, or some had to induce premature birth to save their babies. In the process the baby when born usually ends up joining the cycle of torture, and their chances of survival or a normal childhood become so slim.

Violence against such women does not just end with them, but the effects spill over to the children, who develop some aggressive behavior when around other kids, they start developing problems interacting with other children, sleep disorders and emotional neediness. In view of this, Face Forward has stepped forward to help give not just the women a new lease of life, but to give the children also a chance of a better life.


Deborah Alessi is the founder of Face Forward community, a nonprofit organization; our mission is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been Victims of violence.