Gay Rights/Marriage

Ashley Ross

Driving Teens to This?

Being gay isn't bad but people overreact and think it is. There are thousands of teens and young adults who commit suicide from being bullied and harassed. A 15 year old, Billy Lucas from Greensburg, Indiana hung himself after being harassed in school. Experts say many LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) teens are vulnerable to teasing or bullying. 13 year old Asher Brown from Houston, shot himself after coming out (telling family he is gay or bisexual). For many young adults struggling with homosexuality, religion can play a big part. There are several high-profile suicides among gay teens have brought increased attention. This is mainly from harassment.

A Youtube Channel For Them

There is a YouTube channel called It Gets Better, where people post their videos with advice for young LGBT teens and adults. Dan Savage and his husband, Terry Miller asked people to post these videos. They tell you how they coped with the bullying and being treated differently. The channel is now full and people are posting videos endlessly, having conversations in the comments and communicating through e-mail. This helped LGBT teens and young adults speak out against the homophobic people.

Banning Same-Sex Marriage?

George W. Bush is trying to get Congress to pass an amendment to the constitution to ban gay marriages. Any amendment to ban gay unions would need to be approved by 2/3 of both the House and Senate. From the 10,000 amendments that have been proposed, only 27 have made it through the process. Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Nevada have constitutional amendments that ban same-sex marriage. Most states now approve of gay marriage and rights. There is now a day for them called Day of Silence, a day of coming out to your parents and family. People are now openly LGBT in America.

Just Like Us

Their belief system worked through the protests by speaking up, by letting the public know they are not alone. They deserve better than harassment. They deserve love because they are just like us. They aren't any different cause we are all the same and we can love the same.
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