Varanasi City

Southwest Asia

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The Topic my flyer is on is Varanasi City in Southwest Asia.


This is a very important city people call it a holy city. It's a fairly big city it has 1,030,863 and counting till this very day. There are some cities are called Kashi The city of life and Beneres. Varanasi is one of the Seven Hinduism colonies. Pilgrims came to the side of the ghats or the river Ganges and wash away there sins. People say that Varanasi is the best Hinduism place to go for religion and fun.

Fun facts

Thought to be one of the largest cities, it is the holiest city. It has many palaces, shrines, and temples. Kashi and Benares Are two most oldest cities in the world! Varanasi City is a nice place to be you can take nice walks Ghats, And boat rides down the rivers. Varanasi is large it extends all the way to Ganges and extends all the way back to some ghats. You can walk along the ghats and when you can't walk them is when a monsoon the river levels are too high

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