Wetlands Help The Environment

Living And Non Living Things

Things That Are Alive!!

Animals mammals or not are alive so are plants. Some things you don't have to respect are rocks, but if you throw a rock respect where you throw it. Wetlands are alive with nature. One day I went to a lake and caught a huge water beetle (biggest one I ever saw) and I was the only one that caught a fish (believe it or not) without a fishing pole. At first I thought it was a fish lure because it was floating at the top of the surface shining pink, and I scooped it up in my bucket and took it to my dad and he said it was a baby bass maybe small mouth, but its hard to tell at its age. It looked a little like this but more pale, and also more pink. I also saw a frog, but just for a sec. I found a tree with BIG teeth marks and my dad thought it was a beaver and you know what...he was right we found a beavers dam. All that in one spot!!!

Some Things About Wetlands

Some Things About Wetlands And Why They Are Useful

Wetland are helpful in many ways. The plants, soils, and microorganisms of wetlands often act as filters, cleaning water that flows through a wetland. This helps all organisms in the water.