Women's Rights Convention !

Equality For Everyone

We're Here To Help . .

Are you tired of feeling like a slave?

Do you want to own your own land?

Are you tired of your alcoholic husband beating you constantly?

Do you wonder how it feels to do what your free white husband does? Such as voting, any education,any job, & more?

Then you'd fit perfectly in the Women's Rights Convention !

The Women's Rights Convention

Wednesday, July 19th 1848 at 12pm

Seneca Falls, NY, United States

Seneca Falls, NY

Goals :

  • Freedom in education
  • Freedom in jobs
  • Owning your own property
  • Divorcing you husbands freely
  • Voting & More
More people gives us a better chance of reaching our goals and giving all women rights and freedom. We can overturn the lack of freedom and equality. So, we encourage everyone to come support us and join the Women's Rights Convention.