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Happy Valentine's Day!

Mission Behind Bars Continues to Make a Difference

Linda was an active member of our congregation, New Life in Christ Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), which is located inside Dismas Charities-Diersen, a detention facility for women in Louisville, Kentucky. She participated in worship every week, attended our Life Skills Classes, helped set up for our worship services and was a leader in our congregation while she was incarcerated.
So, it wasn't surprising when she was released, that she took advantage of our mentoring program. She met with her Nurture, Support and Accountability Group on a regular basis. They provided her the support and accountability she needed to make a smooth transition back into the community.
Linda got a job very quickly at a fast food restaurant and soon was promoted to an assistant manager. Perhaps most moving, was Linda's return on Tuesday nights to our worship services. There, she helped lead a group of our women crochet over 50 scarves which were delivered to a local homeless shelter.
Here's what Linda wrote:
"Words cannot express how much you and Mission Behind Bars mean to me. The work and effort you put into your mission is just awesome! I am very grateful for what you do and the impact you have had, not only in my life, but also for all the inmates that benefit from your dedication....With Love In Christ, Linda."

Your gifts and support keep us going. You are making a difference in the lives of Linda and so many like her who are touched by the ministry and programs provided by Mission Behind Bars and Beyond.
Thank you for your continuing support.

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