cultural revoultion in china

how it began

it all began when Mao attempted to reassert his beliefs in china. He thought the communist leaders were taking the party, and china its self in the wrong direction. so he gathered a group of people to help him attack current party leadership and reassert his authority. Mao called the nations youth to purge the "impure" elements of Chinese society and receive the revolutionary spirit.
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who were the red guards

The red guards were a big impact during this time. The red guards were a group of middle school students who rebelled against the system. The red guards were also people who criticized those who Mao deemed untrustworthy with the regards to the direction he wanted to take china. They were also people who attacked and harassed members of china's elderly population. They protected chairman Mao and his revolutionary line.
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how it affected the population

This event also affected the population by many ways. one of the ways it affected the population was because the population decreased by 1.5 billion people. The other reason was that the guards turned on each other and started killing each other, so they lost more people. They started sending students to the countryside or farm lands to work. Which lead to the economy collapsing .
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