Is the Bermuda Triangle real?

Done by : Nurmuna

Is the Bermuda Triangle really fake?

To me, the Bermuda Triangle is fake. I have done my research and I found out that the Bermuda Triangle is fake. Read on to know my reasons!

Who and why was the Bermuda Triangle "created"?

The Bermuda Triangle was created by James Cook because he was a poor navigator. He was travelling along the Magnetic Island off the coast of Australia. The Magnetic Island caused his ship's compass to vary from the usual. He named the "unusual area" Bermuda Triangle after his "unusual experience"

Then how about the number of planes, ships and boats which couldn't be found?

Well, the number of planes, ships and boats which were missing within the triangle is no greater than the average number of missing planes, ships and boat on any other part of the sea with similar amount and type of traffic.

What about the reports of missing small boats?

I believe that they are being reported by liars. The small boats were actually lost off the coast of Portugal, Ireland and California, not within the triangle.
Well, its up to you to believe whether the Bermuda Triangle is really real or fake. With this, I end my flyer. Thank you for reading it! =)