PAP Alg 1 Tutorial Videos

May 2016

1) Project Instructions

You will pick randomly a math skill or topic that you have learned about this year. Then you will plan, prepare and create a video tutorial that demonstrates that skills / answers the problem.


  1. Math planning

    1. Complete worksheet

    2. Pick an example -- Know how to solve it.

  2. Technology planning

    1. Pick a tool / app based on how you’re going to demonstrate

      1. Need to show your problem written out? (like a whiteboard)

      2. Need graph paper?

    2. Storyboard / Plan your video. What you going to show and say in each step?

2) App / Tool Choices

The chart below shows you the different apps available on our LHS iPads to use for this project.

Click here to see a larger version of chart.

Big image

3) Links to Help info for each app

4) Need music?

We recommend using Soundzabound for music. Soundzabound is a legal, free sound of background music that FISD already pays for.

Go here for additional info and suggestions for where to find legal music to use in your projects.

5) How to Turn In your Project

1) Find your Final Video.

  • It may be in your device's Photo Library. Or it may be saved in the app's library / account.

2) If using iMovie or IPEVO, upload your video from the device to your FISD Google Drive or FISD Youtube account.

  • Make sure the settings are either "View Only with the Link" or "Unlisted"
  • Copy that video URL link

3) If using EduCreations:

  • Click on the finished video from the "Lessons" page
  • Click on the square/up-arrow in the top-right corner --> Click "Copy Link"

4) If using ShowMe:

  • Click on the Settings gear icon in the top-right corner of the finished video from the "My ShowMes" tab
  • Click on the "Share" button in the bottom-right corner
  • Choose "Open in Safari"
  • After it opens in Safari, click on the square/up-arrow in the top-right corner --> Click "Copy Link"

5) Go to your teacher's Google Form and PASTE the URL / link to your video.