by Eli Anderson

Prophets and Brief Summary

A rough translation of Tao is "the Way." Taoists believe that the everyone has to accept and be true with themselves, because they believe all humans deserve equality, but should be responsible for themselves and their actions. Lao Tzu, the founder of Taoism, was born on the 6th B.C.E and wrote the holy book "Tao Te Ching," which writes how one should live. There is no real prophet in this religion besides the equality in the universe.


As shown on the right, a statue of Laozi, the author of Daodejing (the Way and its Virtue) is holding his right hand up as to symbolize truth and equality. It was created somewhere around the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD.) The creator is unknown.

Current Events

Scammers claiming to be Daoists have been going around the world asking people questions like "Isn't your grandmother sick?" "Your pet is sick, right?" and then telling them that if they join their group and their temple, their family members and friends will get better. Later, they start asking for money, saying it will improve the family's health. These scammers have been known to make millions of dollars.

Taoist Poem

Tao Te Ching chapter 15:

The profound dark depths of the masters
teach us that nothing should be habitual.

Like a baby who doesn't know
but attempts.
Each step
a waddling dance of balance
against the force
of the earth
that would hold us to its bosom.

This poem shows the first steps to peace in the universe. The Tao Te Ching explains how everything is equal, and everyone should be treated equally.