'Smart Organisational Networking'

Workshop on developing the 'right' network for you

If you are looking for how to get more Linkedin connections or Twitter followers, this workshop IS NOT for you!

This workshop has been designed for running inside organisations. We help aspiring leaders to leverage their diversity or specialisations by developing both internal and external networks for maximum impact. The organisation as a whole also benefits by having staff who are able to transcend the internal silos to extract maximum organisational benefit.

Flexible Bundling

The 'Network for Success' workshop is a key part of a full programme designed to build network development competency across your organisation. We offer a Personal Network Diagnostic, a tailored Individual Coaching Programme and an Organisational Impact Assessment as adjunct service offerings. Contact us at contact@optimice.com.au to get specific pricing to suite your needs

This is a unique offering aimed at maximising business performance through building effective networks

About Your Workshop Facilitators

Laurence Lock Lee and Cai Kjaer are the co-founders of Optimice. Between them they have conducted more than 50 network analysis projects over the past decade or more and trained many practitioners in the techniques of analysing networks. Over this time they have develop several industry leading tools and practices, some of which will be employed in this workshop. They have analysed the marketplace network characteristics of thousands of publicly listed firms, to identify those characteristics associated with exceptional business performance. They have also analysed networking patterns operating inside organisations, both public and private sector, through their organisational network analysis projects. Leveraging their research and project experiences they have designed this training/coaching programme to help you maximise business results by leveraging your diversity through the ‘right’ networks.

Optimice Pty Ltd

Optimice specialises in analysing relationship networks for unique insights, leading to positive and substantial business impacts.