Heifer International

Listen up Cuthbertson Students!

What Is It?

Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that is working to eliminate poverty and hunger by the development of a sustainable, values-based holistic community.


Heifer International was founded by farmer Dan West from the American Midwest in 1944. He was a member of the Church of the Brethren and also went to the front lines of the Spanish Civil War as an aid worker. While he was there he wanted so much to provide relief. However, he soon discovered that the inadequate single cup of milk that was rationed once a day to the weak refugees was not close to being enough. This ludicrous act caused West to think: What if they had a cow instead of a cup? This became the start of the Heifer International Organization.

What They Do

The idea of this organization is to spread the word to the public to donate however much money they are able to and once they have raised enough money that is equivalent to the price of an animal, the people in charge of the organization will purchase an animal and donate it to a village for the people of the village to have access to milk, meat, etc.


There are many different types of animals that you can donate towards. Some of them are:

Goat - Full: $120, Share: $10

Heifer (Cow) - Full: $500, Share: $25

Water Buffalo - Full: $250, Share: $25

Honeybees - $30

Flock of Chicks - $20