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Star Chapter 262 Feeds 400 Individuals in Baltimore

Pete’s Cycle and Central Maryland Celebrity Section 262 desire to thank everybody who came out to assist with all the Supply the Children food fall in 2013. This really is Legend Page 262’s they were ready to boost enough cash to feed 400 households inside the Baltimore region, third year. Pete’s and Chapter 262 could also prefer to appreciate people who donated toys that are children’s. Triumph Pete's cycle

The party had a team that is wonderful plus good weather. The collection was again in a position to hand out all of the food on hand to either individuals who stepped up – adequate food for 400 individuals or drove up.

Combined with Fundamental Maryland Page #262 of Operating Organization and the Star Touring, there have been people from Hanover Section 441 and Chesapeake Page 165 assisting them. Chapter 262 wish to thank those required for financing a helping hand– they are able to not have completed this without all of the help and support of Celebrity Touring and Pete’s and Riding Pattern and enduring the cool November morning.

CELEBRITY can be an international organization, that was designed to provide owners and enthusiasts of the Superstar distinct cycles such as the Noble Star Opportunity, Royal Star, Elegant Star Tour Deluxe, Path Legend, Road Star Soldier, V Celebrity 650/950/1100/1300, Roadliner, Stratoliner, Raider, Raider S, Stryker and Bolt.

MD Page #262 of the CELEBRITY Touring and Operating Organization, the Fundamental is just a family-oriented motorcycle riding fan group. CELEBRITY Touring and Cycling is the established company of Yamaha made for motorcycles' Star Line. However, we welcome any bike fan who gives our same fascination with selling and driving safe and enjoyable motorcycling and any manufacturer. For more details please visit our page at great site

Thankyou everybody for all you aid and support.
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