The Eighth Day

By: Dianne K. Salerni

Dianne k salerni

This is the author of the book I chose the eighth day. She has wrote many books such as The inquisitors mark, the caged graves, we hear the dead, etc.

Eighth Day

The title of my book is the eighth day. the author of the book is Dianne k Salerni. The genre of this book is fantasy. The main character is Jax aubrey he is a 13 years old boy that has know idea what is going on. He does not like living with his new gaurdian and is strugiling with life. After his dad died he was soon living with his relative but is soon taken away from them. I recomened this book because i think it is an amazing book


this book has 1476 ratings and the overall rating is a 4 star


4 out of 5 star critiques of good read


i think that this is an amazing book to read and it has a decent amount of pages in the book