Hit the beach, Team 7-1!

Check out our team beach building day!

Spring Break! Woohoo!

Today, your awesome students started off vacation the right way. We planned a dozen beach related activities, so even if your family isn't heading anywhere tropical for spring break, the kids still got a taste of fun in the sun!

Have a relaxing, enjoying, and safe break!


Your Team 7-1 Teachers

Michelle Wolfrum, Kristen Rosenberry, Corri Izzo, Sharon Dooley, Christine Bee, Anne Varrone Lederle, and Lauren Hebert.

Today's Events

1. Toxic River:

Students had to problem solve to get across the toxic river to reach Spring Break Island! They had a whole team to get across. Check out the pictures to see them succeed at some serious team work!

2. Scavenger Hunt:

Students tested their prior knowledge to navigate through a scavenger hunt in each of their core subjects. Team 7-1 teachers also threw in some personal clues in there, just make it a bit more challenging for those students. Check out who worked their way to the top.

Top winners were placed in raffle to win some sweet prizes!

Questions or Concerns for 4th Marking Period?

Hang on to those questions, folks! We will chat with you all when we get back from break! Enjoy the time off!