iPads in School

Should schools have iPads?

My Purpose

My purpose is that schools should have iPads for their school. I will use this to convince schools to get iPads.
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My Audience

The Audience I'm directing this towards to are principles. I will use th is to direct my purpose to.

My Claim

My claim is that I think iPads are beneficial to schools for the students. I will use is to say my idea.

My Evidence

My evidence is that I'm using personal experience and teach experience. I will use this to support side of the argument.

My Reasoning

My reasoning is that iPad's help with learning, studying, and students can do work out side of school, I will use this to explain my idea.

My Counterclaim

My counterclaim is that iPads are distracting and can be used in a bad way. I will use this to show the other side of the argument.
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