By: Joanne Barlamas

Why is this issue important to me and my party?

The supertweet party believes that education is important. Without education many people would be unsuccessful and not as smart, or brilliant. Those people also do not tend to have a lot of common sense.

What is No Child Left Behind?

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) is the 2001 bipartisan law that is meant to improve K-12 schools, that were under the theory of standard-based education reform.

The Pros and Cons of No Child Left Behind.

The Pros of No Child Left Behind is that there are standards set and are measured annually each state to foster educational growth and achievement. Results are then reported to their parents. There are also standards set for teacher qualifications. These emphasize reading, writing, and mathematics. They measured educational status and growth by ethnicity. It also required schools to focus on providing quality education to students with disabilities, non-English talkers, African-Americans, Latinos, and low-income families.

The Cons of No Child Left Behind is the federal under-funding, teachers teaching to the test, problems with No Child Left Behind standardized tests, teacher qualification standards, and failure to address reasons for lack of achievement.

What are the Pros and Cons of School Choice?

The Pros of School Choice is that there are more than one option of schooling, so that if one choice does not best fit the student he can chose another type. There are also multiple kids that attend each schooling type. The last pro would be that there is more than one school in an area or community so the student and parents have multiple choices on where they would like them or where they would like to go to school.

The Cons of School Choice are that multiple school choices can cause problems in sports because private school can recruit players. It can also cause problems when teaching because every teacher and school have to follow the same curriculum. All of these different types of schooling take money away from public schools lowering the funds for public schools having limited supplies.

What is your party's stance on this issue? Why?

The supertweet party's stance on this issue is that public schooling is the main choice. This is also the best choice limiting little to no kids to the other options of schooling. We believe public schooling is the best option because those kids always tend to be more smart and intelligent than the kids that come out of other schooling.