Earth Day


Breathing Earth

Start the lesson asking the following questions:

How many people live on Earth at the moment?

How many people are born every minute in __________ (name any country in the world)?

How many people die in a minute in___________?

How much CO2 is being emitted at the moment?

Go to to get the answers.

My Carbon Footprint

Students calculate their carbon footprint. Later on their result is compared to the weight of an elephant and Titanic, at least that's what I got.

Go Green Pledge

Create a go green pledge infographic using

Geo greeting

Send geo greetings for the Earth Day. Here is my greeting.

Some cute slogans that you can use:

Earth is your fan if you recycle that can!

Don’t Litter, it makes the world bitter!

Paper, Bottles, Cans, Plastic…recycle them all, it’s Fantastic!

When there is doubt, don’t throw it out!

I have a dream and it is green.

You’ve only got one planet. Don’t trash it.

Respect your Elders (and Trees, Pines and Hickorys too)

Snow is melting our planet is crying!

Be part of the solution, not of air pollution.

Project Noah

Join the Global Schoolyard Bioblitz mission at Project Noah and ask students to start documenting and sharing wildlife around your school.

The Face of Climate Change

Take a photo and share your lesson at
Earth Day 2013 - The Face of Climate Change