Ms. Underwood

6th Grade ELA Teacher

The Past

Before her 17 years of teaching, she went to Texas State University. She would study way harder in college if she could . She wanted to start teaching because, " I had a lot of bad teachers in the past and I wanted to be a good one.

The Future

Present Time

" My mom and I tell each other happy birthday two weeks and after, if that makes sense." That is her and her moms traditions. She is an expert at baking from scratch. Her number one pet peeve (in the classroom) is when kids look at her like she is crazy. She loves going to work because, the kids always entertain her.

The Future

Because of her love of writing, if she wasn't a ELA teacher she would become a journalism teacher. " I think writing is a good skill to have in life. If she was not a teacher she would chose to be a Fashion Designer.