All about California!

Facts, famous cities, and even attractive landmarks!

Where is California?

California is in the United States of America. The accurate geographical position of the state is located on the southwest of United States. It borders with the North Pacific Ocean which is on the west of California. Above the state is Oregon, on the right is Nevada, and on the south west, their is Arizona.

Famous cities and their population!

Their are many famous cities! The top 3 are Los Angeles with a population of 3,792,621! 2nd comes San Diego with a huge population of 1,307,402!! And #3 is San Jose with a population of 945,942!!!

Here are the photos of those famous cities (in order)

Famous tourist attraction and famous landmarks!

Top 5 famous landmarks.

#1: Disneyland

#2: Six Flags

#3: Universal Studios Hollywood

#4: San Diego Zoo

#5: LEGOLAND California Resort!