Small Animal Vet

Why I want to be a Vet

-What a person in this career does

Vets are people that care for animals with illnesses. Also can work in zoos, hospitals, and farms and they can care for a variety of small and large animals like dogs, cats, reptiles, horses and cows, etc.

-Why did I chose this career

I like animals and my dad grew up on a farm and as lots of pictures of him with his dogs and all the animals. Also i would love to be around animals all day care for them and helping to feed them etc.

-Experience/Skills needed

knowing the body of the animals inside and out. Also know how to test and figure out what's wrong.

-Education needed to obtain this career:Associate/Bachelor/Masters/Special Schooling

Most vets first go to college for four years and then to veterinary school for four-five years. Getting into vet school is very competitive.Vets then have to pass a series of exams before they can practice.

-What branch of science most of this career falls under and why

Mostly under life because it is a job for caring for animals and life science has everything to do with animals.

-Something you found interesting about the career

Is the variety of animals and places you can work as a vet. Also the illnesses they can have.

Where I got my information from


So pictures of Animals a Vet would help