Mrs. Bennett's First Grade Class

August 29, 2013


We will be beginning our unit on Understanding Addition. We will be learning that there are two parts and when you put them together, they make a whole. We will be using pictures to help us understand what addition means.

We have been working very hard on writing our numbers. If you see your child with a backwards number, please have them correct it. Also if you have free time either have your child write their numbers from 100-120 or visit my website and play addition games under the math tab.


We are going to working on how to write a complete sentence with details. We will be taking sentences like I see a cat. to I see a yellow cat walking across the street. We will be adding details to answer the questions: who, what are they doing, when, where are they, and why.

Please continue to help with handwriting. We are looking for correct formation of the letters, writing on the lines correctly, and neatness. I am only having your child write 2 lines of the individual letter and 2 lines of the word. If you want more practice at home, please feel free to have your child complete the rest of the lines.

Social Studies

We are continuing our unit on Rules and Laws. We will be learning about home rules next week. Thank you for all of the pictures that have been sent in! If you still want to contribute to our class project, please feel free to take a picture of your child following a home rule and email it to me. I can't wait to share our finished project with you!

Reading / Phonics

We are reviewing the following sounds next week: s, z, j. We are learning about some new sounds next week: sh and ch. We are learning these sounds by remembering the h brothers stories. Poor brother h! His brothers are not nice to him. The t sticks his tongue out at him. (When you make the th sound, your tongue sticks out between your teeth.) The s brother has a pet snake and h has to go around saying, "Sh, don't wake the snake." The c brother is always sneezing on the h brother and saying, "Ch" when he sneezes. These stories really help us remember our sounds!

Ask your child about Defender C. We learned about him this past week. He protects the lonely vowel in a word from the letter k.

We are also going to begin building our stamina for reading to self, listening center, writing center, and word work center. You can practice this at home also by setting a timer and seeing how long your child can silently read a book or write. You can also get onto my website to play some of the games they will play during computer center. Go to the Reading tab and look at the Books and Working With Words choices.


  • We have snack every day at 2:00.
  • We go to the library on Thursday mornings. Please leave your child's library books in their backpack so they can trade every week.
  • There is no school this Friday or the following Monday.
  • September 11 is an early release day.
  • Your child brought home a fundraiser today for the Walkathon. All money is due by September 18. Thanks for your support!


Monday - No school

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - PE / Library

Friday - Art