Essentials Update

Holiday Shopping starts early this year!

Luggage and Packing

With Veteran's Day being tomorrow the stores are in full sale mode. My 21 inch suitcase that I showed you all at the meeting last week was too small for this upcoming 11 day trip, and our other option at home is a massive 32 inch on wheels. I found myself in a Goldie Locks predicament with too big, too small, and needing to find a just right. I hit the stores on Sunday with my husband and found a perfect 25 inch suitcase in my favorite lime green (my husband wanted black but I won that battle)! :) I would highly recommend shopping for any luggage needed now since it is all 50-70% off.
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Luggage Buying 101

Remember to keep these things in mind when shopping for the right luggage:

  • Can you lift it up and carry it?
  • Is it taller than your hip bone? If yes, then it's TOO BIG!
  • Will you be able to easily spot it in the airport?

Don't forget to look for these helpful items on Black Friday...

  • Walking shoes!
  • Passport, ID, and money carrier.
  • Camera or Polaroid film
  • Traveling mini art supplies
  • Windbreaker or light jacket
  • Umbrella

How to Buy your Thirtyone Products

If you would like to buy your student some of the Thirtyone products I showed the group at our last meeting you can do so one of two ways.

Easy Way:

I have created a "Europe Trip Party" on my Thirtyone website where you can simply place an order. You may do this online at any time. I will not submit the order for processing until December 2 so your card will not be charged until then. This means that your order may qualify you for the December Customer Specials that I have attached. Be sure to check those out as well. When ordering online, save yourself the extra $4.00 and have it ship to the host, which is me. I will have a pick up night when the order arrives for you to grab your things. And YES this order will be in before Christmas!

Fun Way:

If there are 4 or more items that you and or your child wanted, you should really host a party and get those Europe items for FREE! Hosting is easy, fun, and a great way to get together with your family or friends. To host a party you need to invite 8 or more people, select a party date with me, and have people show up. It's that easy. I do the rest and there is no fee for having a party. I have lots of great party theme ideas as well as holiday parties that I can throw for you. Give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you are interested in this option.

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