Dec 8-12


12/15 10:15 My mother in law has a gift for our class and is going to come read to them

12/17 1:45 2nd grade holiday party--it is Grinch themed, so if they have a Grinch shirt or something green or Christmasy it would be fun to wear it!

12/19 2nd grade Polar Express Day--wear your pajamas!!

12/19 Early release 12:30

12/20-1/4 Holidays!!!!!!! hooray!!!!

1/4 Mrs. Jones Birthday! She comes to class with Maddie and John and helps all of us! Please consider remembering her on Monday 1/5. I will provide a treat to suprise her that morning. She loves chocolate, coffee, Texas A and M, and is sweet and helpful as she can be. We love Mrs. Jones!

1/16 Early release 12:30

It seems these weeks are flying by! I spent most of this week fighting off some sort of flu bug. I was in bed by 7:30 almost every night. I am finally feeling better but am left weak and with a bit of a cough and head ache. We disinfected, opened the window, ran our essential oil diffuser and tried not to be too huggy. Please send a water bottle with your child so they can be drinking, drinking, drinking this time of year. We want to keep our systems flushed out. I have a Britta pitcher in my fridge that I use to refill their water bottles so they have very clean, cool, fresh water all day. And remember the dress in layers policy!

We really loved having Mrs. Page come read to us. We even had a little sing along. The children loved their jingle bells and made a lot of noise as they left the building that day. Thanks for coming and sharing with us!

We participated in the hour of code this week by getting on our accounts and trying the new Frozen version. It was definitely more challenging, but so cool. Have them get on at home and show you what they can do. It is very impressive.

We were treated to a special pineapple upside down cake by Sajiri this week. She and her mom worked together to make a delicious recipe for us. Thanks for sharing!

The kids have enjoyed our Elf on the Shelf, Jingle, visiting the classroom. He even had 2 of the students elves jump into their backpacks and come to school with them to visit. Such fun and sweet times!

I am sure this week is going to be over in a blink. Look for a huge stash of graded papers coming home sometime this week. Also, thank you for the quick response for all of our party needs. I heard you guys were amazing stepping up and volunteering. I look forward to seeing all of you at the party Wednesday.

Have a good week!

April McGhee


Math-We are still working on ordering numbers in the 1000 place. Also, adding and subtracting them. We did some work with money just to review and stay fresh. Remeber to empty your change and practice OFTEN the counting of mixed coins. I also gave them some pretty challenging problem solving activities. I did spend some time teaching them how to draw out a division problem because they keep popping up in our problem solving. Questions like: Tom has 25 cookies. We wants to give them to 4 friends and he wants them to each get the same amount. How many cookies will each person get? The kids don't quite realize this is full blown division with a remainder, but they understood the concept and could draw it out. We will keep working on this and the reverse which is multiplication. This group is full of math whizzes. I am trying to provide time for them to do Fast Math at school but please check with them and make sure they are getting on as often as possible.

Language Arts-The kids worked on a letter to one of their parents and took it to the editing and final copy stages. Some of our holiday book clubs have completed their books and went on kidsblog to blog about the stories. They have switched books with other groups and are starting again. Such fun and enthusiastic readers! We are constantly writing in our journals using some crazy holiday story starters. We have also spent some time working on some special gifts that are for you! I have been so pleased checking their planners and seeing their progress on their daily reading fluency activities at home. Please be faithful to this and document it for me. The only way to become a better reader is to read. Keep up the good work!