Learning American Sign Language

An Introduction to Sign Language

Different types of Sign Language

ASL is the predominant sign language of deaf communities in North America, West Africa, and Central America. But for other parts of the world there are other types of sign that are country and region specific and are categorized Language name and their origin. Popular origins are ASL, Italian, French, British, local, and village. Local and village mean that they type of sign that they use was created by and for the people in that community.

Let's learn the Alphabet!

ABC song/ASL alphabet - American version

Other simple gestuers

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Why do people learn sign?

  • ASL is a growing language
  • Colleges are recognizing and teaching Sign Language as a regular language subject
  • It helps you learn natural gestures to improve your communication skills
  • You will be able to connect with different communities
  • Becoming bilingual is healthy for your brain
  • Basic sign language knowledge can be useful when communicating with professionals such as civil servants (Police Officers, Firefighters, etc.), scuba divers, educators, and more!
  • Communicate without saying a word!