The Night Crossing



Don't give up on your problems.



Place:Austria, Innsburg


Clara, Ma, Papa, Marta.

Initiating Conflict

Nazi soldiers come to Austria.

Rising Action

Clara has a bad dream.
Ma removes the stars of David from Marta's and Clara's jackets.

The family have to go to Switzerland and on their way they hide in a shed.

The candles were making noise in Marta's pocket, so Ma put them in Clara's doll.

The family arrive at the Switzerland border gate.


Nazi soldier tell the family to stop at the gate.

Falling Action

Nazis ask where the family is going.

They say they are coming home from visiting cousins in Austria.

Nazis try to get Clara to say something she shouldn't but Clara didn't.

Finally they let the family go through the gate.


They return safely back to Austria after Nazis leave.

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