FDPS ICT News & Info

Term 3 - 2013

Below are some highlights, useful websites and general information from this term's ICT Sydney region conference. Many of the websites contain a large number of links and despite looking at many of them I cannot guarentee that all links work or that all of it will be relevant to us.

Some of you may have heard of all of them, some not so much whereas I hope none of you ran away and hid under a table when you read 'ICT' in the title.

New English Curriculum

Useful... stuff!

Here is a selection of resources or repositories of resources that we were shown on the day. There are far too many links here for me to check through them all but I know that there are a lot of useful tools, sites and general information throughout.

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything

This has apparently been around for ages. Worth a look as it is full of good stuff that is relevant to technology.



This is an interesting and visual (visual literacy aspects?) way to present all manner of data and information. Here are links to two sites that allow you to create them however, there are many more.



Here is an example...


... and here is a link to a Pinterest page with a multitude of infographics.



A site that allows you to create... well, storyboards.


Blog-Ed Sidebar Widgets

These are widgets, such as visitor counters, avatars etc. that you can add to your class blog should you so wish. Everyone loves a widget! If you aren't sure how to add them let me know and I can talk you through it.


Amazing teachers and their web-based creations

These websites were created by teachers and maintained in their spare time. They contain an amazing number of reasources, links and information on using technology, effectively, in the classroom.

And... that's it for now.

If you have got this far, well done. Go and have a cup of tea, think about all the new and exciting ways you are going to incorporate technology into your teaching and be forever thankful that other people spend their time putting amazing websites together.