Freak the Mighty

They have eachothers back.

Book Title

The title of the book fits "Having eachothers back" because Freak and Max are good friends that dont care how either of them look, they just have this close bond that they cat let go. They will stick up for eachother no matter who it is. Max doesnt look at Freak like he has a disability, he looks at Freak as a bestfriend. Max and Freak go through a journey together. Throuh thick and thin they have eachothers back.

Conflict and outcome-Man vs. Society

Its man vs. society because both Max and Freak put together pretty much makes one man and together they stand tall as Freak the Mighty. They face society with trying not tp be bullied by Tony D., and for what others think. When they both are together they do good things, as in avoiding Tony and helping out the community. It relates to the theme because it shows that they dont care hoe each other look that they will be there for each other no matter what happens. Through thick and thin.

Character's remarks and actions

When Max first met Freak he though that Freak was to weird to be his friend. But after one night of hanging out they instantly became very close. Their actions and words fits in with the theme because it shows that being different makes you want to get to know the opposite. By that, having eachothers back.

Contrast between characters

Both Max and Freak dont have much of anything in common but, thats why they get along so well. Freak teaches Max things that Max would have never known. The contrast between both of them fits in with the theme because since they get along so well they chose to hangout every day becoming closer and closer, therefore wanting to have each others back. Freak and Max are very different because Freak is very smart and Max learns slowly.