Soon to be Mrs. Buch

Will you be my Guest book/ Program Attendant?

Our special day is coming soon

On our special day I would love for you three to be our Guest book/ Program Attendants!! I couldn't image my wedding without you three being a part of it. You guys have been through a lot with me and Im so blessed with the amazing friendship we have.


Saturday, June 20th, 3:30pm

Centerville, IA, United States

Centerville, IA

Guest Book/ Program Attendant's Details

As the guests arrive to the wedding, the hosts will greet them and they will come over to you where you will show them how the guestbook works. (Guestbook - My guestbook is an instant picture camera, so guests will be able to take pictures and they will print instantly and they will tape them into our scrapbook and write their name, advice, or anything they would like. Each page will be a guests name/names. Program Attendant - greet guests as they come in and hand them a program.) Once the ceremony starts you are free to go and sit down and enjoy yourselves!!! When the reception starts the guest book area will need to be moved inside so the guests can still be taking pictures and writing in the guestbook. You will not have to stand next to it for long at the reception, because most of the people will catch on to how it works. When the day get's closer I will give you more details on what all you need to do, but as of now that is what this entails!!! :) I really want you three to be a part of my wedding because you guys are very special to me. I want you to be able to enjoy yourselves as much as you can while being a part of our day!! :)