Doris Gwaltney


It all starts in 1941 when Margret Ann has to share a room with her grandmother because there aren't enough rooms in their house. But then her sister Elizabeth goes away to college and she finally gets her own room. But then her aunt and cousin come to their house because the war is moving through London where they live. Now the room she gets to call her own she has to move out again because that's where her aunt nod cousin are going to stay. When Margret's aunt and cousin come some people are more happy than others. Grandma Motley doesn't want them to come because Aunt Mary Lee did some bad things that grandma motley didn't approve of. Margret Ann is noticing that everybody is paying more attention to Courtney then her. But then everything changes in their lives when Elizabeth and her boyfriend have to get married because he has to go to war.


I think the theme for this story is cherish family because you never know what's going to happen to them.