Obama vs Romney

The ins and outs of the 2012 presidential election


In the 2012 Presidential Election, President Barack Obama (D) is running against republican representative Mitt Romney(R). President Obama was a Illinois state senator before he was elected president in 2008. Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts before running for president in 2012.


*Jobs & Economy

Obama's view on jobs and the economy

President Obama’s plan to create new jobs is to cut and close tax loopholes for big corporations, cutting taxes on small businesses, and investing in clean energy. Obama says that if we cut tax loopholes, then more people will be paying taxes. Also, Obama want to tax less on small businesses because he says that small business is the frame work for our economy. Finally, Obama wants to invest in clean energy. The president thinks we should use oil, but that if we invest in alternative energy, we will be able to boost our economy. For example, the hybrids that will save people money on gas.

Romney's view on jobs and the economy

Governor Romney's plan is known as the “Trickle Down” system. Romney first, agrees with Obama that we need to tax less on small businesses because they are the framework for the future of our economy. Romney says that if we increase and take full advantage of oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear that it would make 4 million jobs on its own. He also says we need to take advantage and trade with countries, especially in Latin America. The reason is Latin America is close by and is in the same time zone. He also thinks that for people to get jobs, they need the skills so he wants programs to help them learn those skills.


Obama vs. Romney

On the issue of taxes, Romney and Obama state that they both plan to cut tax deductions and loopholes. There is great disagreement over the governments programs. Obama wants to keep all of his programs and tax more to get the money to run them. This give Obama an advantage over the people involved in those programs. Romney on the other hand wants to eliminate most of Obama’s programs, which will cause him to gain votes on people who want less taxes and hurt him when it comes to the people in those programs.

Polls and Electorial College Map

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Romney vs. Obama

This map shows the probables of the outcome of the electoral college yesterday. This can change any hour. Time is running out. Who will win?