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Hi there! It's the Mattacheese press reporting from around our school. We are here to answer your questions and inform you on late breaking news about our school and district.

Upcoming events from this year...


Lauren Wolk Visits MMS

We were lucky to host Ms. Lauren Wolk and listen to what she had to say about herself and her books. Ms. Wolk is very talented. Lauren's mother’s stories inspired her to write Wolf Hollow since in her family, reading was important.

Some of her characters were based off of family members. For example, a character named Toby was like her Uncle Cal, who fought in Vietnam. The character named Betty, was based off of a bully she used to know. Betty’s creation was also influenced by how Lauren felt about bullying. She believed that by adding this character she could show the world how hard it is to deal with difficult people. Lauren’s hope was that Wolf Hollow would help people stand up to bullies. The book was nominated for the Newbery honor award. She was full of emotion: shocked, scared, and happy with her award. Fans of Wolf Hollow are all very proud of Lauren for her remarkable work.


Hope You Had Fun, Dancers.

If you did not go to the dance last Friday, here is your chance to find out what happened. On June twelfth at 7:00 PM in the Mattachheese Middle School Cafeteria, the end of the year dance occurred. There was a DJ taking requests, strobe lights, music, refreshments and a raffle for seventh-graders. There were delicious cupcakes, that had a light and fluffy chocolate bottom with rich, white, buttery frosting. Yummy chocolaty brownies and bags full of candy were also among the goodies present. Although it was not crowded, it was still awesome. Pop, Country, and Rap music made People’s feet cut loose on the dance floor. It was exceptionally entertaining, I am sorry if you missed it.

Richard I

Get Ready to Dance, Seventh Graders!

Hey seventh graders, this is your last chance to go to a Mattacheese Middle School dance. It’s on Friday, June 12, 2014 from 7:00 pm to 9:00pm in the Mattacheese cafeteria. There will be refreshments and all profits go to Mattacheese field trips and future dances. MATTACHEESE MIDDLE SCHOOL DRESS CODE APPLIES! Guardians, please consider donating refreshments, food and water, as they are always welcome. TICKETS ARE FREE!

Richard I

Image by Tech Doze.

Schuck Book Nook

Ever wonder things about Mrs. Schuck the funny librarian? Now is your chance to find out answers. If you want a correct answer it will be more expensive. Look no further for personal answers. Her favorite color is purple and she likes all baby animals. She loves fall, nonfiction books, and has too many favorite books to mention. Mrs. Schuck has lived in New York and Massachusetts and currently wants to go to Russia. She believes in equal rights for everyone.

Now let's learn about her job. She has been a librarian for over twenty years and likes Mattacheese very much. This funny librarian wears interesting clothes and when questioned about it, replied that she believes, “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”. Finally, she stated, "I feel you get so much more out of a book by reading it and using your imagination than watching a movie."

by Rita Skeeter

Musical Magic!

This year the Mattacheese school theater program is bringing you the magic of Aladdin. The cast has committed countless hours at after school rehearsals. The audience will be spellbound by the enchantment of Aladdin. A little bit of the musical will be shown during the school day. The full performance will be on March 26th and 27th at 7:00 p.m.. Tickets cost $3.00 for children and $5.00 for adults, you can purchase them on the night of the show. We wish those involved in the musical the best of luck, break a leg!

By The Hat on the Cat

Snow Day Anyone? A Talk with Mrs. Woodbury.

Who is the woman who has been calling you all winter long about changes in school schedules due to snow? How does she make her decisions?

Mrs. Woodbury has been Superintendent for a total of thirteen years and calling snow days for just as long. She has taught many grades from elementary to high school, as well as being Director of Curriculum. She became Superintendent because, "I thought I could help more teachers, and by helping more teachers, help more kids." And her only response when asked if she likes her job, "I love it!"

Mrs. Woodbury determines if there will be a snow day by: checking the weather reports, researching when the snow might stop, talking to facility managers, looking at roads, and talking to other Superintendents on the Cape. She has had a lucky year with no complaints from families about her decisions. If she gets a complaint she listens and answers all questions honestly. On snow days, she usually does schoolwork. Her favorite winter day activity is reading leadership books by the fire. She also enjoys visiting family. Some of the places she has been to are Finland and Sweden. I wonder how they manage their snow days up there?

By Rita Skeeter

Murderous or Misunderstood?

Most people see sharks as vicious killers. In reality, sharks usually do not attack people. They are not the murderous species depicted in Jaws. In a single year, approximately forty people are killed by pigs, which is eight times as many people than are killed by sharks.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is a non-profit organization that teaches people about these fascinating creatures. They have many different programs that people can attend including a summer camp, Gills Club and others. Gills Club is a club for girls to learn about these misunderstood animals. They teach girls that it is okay to like them, even if stereotyping says otherwise. Sharks are wild animals so do not ride them, they are not dolphins.

By The Hat on The Cat
image:"Bruce Finding Nemo - Dogpile Images Search." Polyvore. Polyvore, n.d. Web. 09 Mar. 2015. <>.

Finding a Cure One Penny at a Time!

Here at Mattacheese we're giving pennies to find a cure, a cure for cancer. But what is cancer? Cancer is a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of mutated cells. Cancer takes many lives and tears families apart. Our pennies will help put an end to cancer`s reign of terror.

There are many different types of cancer, some can be cured and others are deadly. The pennies we donate will fund research needed to find a cure. Who benefits from this? We all do. Cancer is a hazard for all of us, no one is immune. In 2014 alone, 585,720 people died of cancer in the United States. 27,480 schools are participating in this fund raiser. So donate to Pennies for Patients and help find a cure today.

Article written by: The Hat on the Cat

You know your teachers, but do you know Ms. K.?

Ms. K, wonderful and caring teacher extraordinaire was kind enough to answer to my questions about her past and herself as she is now. Ms. K has been teaching for 22 years. Prior to working here she worked at DCF (Department of Children and Families) as a social worker to help kids and families get through tough times. "I thought I could impact more children beneficially as a teacher than as a social worker." She replied when questioned. She started working as a social worker in 1990 then went back to graduate school and got a Master’s Degree in Education. In 1992 she began teaching a fourth grade class in Harvard Massachusetts. She came to MMS in 1993 and taught fifth graders. Finally in 1995 she moved up to sixth grade and has stayed there ever since. She enjoys it here at MMS with her "amazing students". "I guess I'm surprised that it took me as long as it did to become a teacher," I quote. MMS is truly lucky to have such a wonderful teacher.

Interview by Rita Skeeter

All Cape Track Meet

One sunny Monday on June 2nd, I went with the Mattacheese track team to DY-High School for the All Cape Track Meet. "There are a lot of schools from around the Cape here right now, this is going to be a fun match to watch." One viewer said as we watched the teams stretch and warm up.

Everyone did their best, however, Carly Coughlin ran the fastest mile for girls.

Events that occurred were, shot-put, hurdles, long jump, and discus. They all happened at the same time, so you would have had to take a TARDIS to get to them all.

At the end of the meet, I was able to talk to another MMS student who came along to watch, "That was a fun match, I wish I could have participated." Said, Breanna Wilson.

Congratulations to all students who participated in All Cape Track Meet.

Mr. Gunning 101

Last week, I sat down with Mr. Gunning! It's impossible not to know

him so you're probably going to enjoy this Mr. Gunning 101! He is one of our schools clinical social workers. This might not be too much of a shocker considering his wife is an author, but Mr. Gunning loves to read! And yes, in case you were wondering, Mr. Gunning does help his wife when she writes her fantastic books. His favorite genre is historical fiction and his favorite school subject is E.L.A (English class)!

Mr. Gunning's favorite part of the job is getting to see the kids every day and being able to talk with them. The G man has never been a classroom teacher but he has taught stress management and bullying classes. Mr. Gunning says the only bad part of his job is having to wake up at 6:00 AM. He works with Ms. Sands (in guidance), and Ms. Hayden (in administration).

When he is not in school being one of the best staff members, He helps out at an oyster farm in Cape Cod Bay or is riding his bike. On another note, if he could be any animal, he would be a cat. He has one cat and his name is Scout. One of Mr. Gunning's Hobby's is cooking! So that’s it. If you thought you were Gunning experts before, now you definitely are.

To be continued......

Behind the scenes starring Mr. Giouard

Last week, I sat down with that 6'3" bald guy who always seems to be in the halls at the same time you are, and asked him a few questions that you might want the answers to! Mr. Girouard, the seventh grade assistant principal, took time out of his hectic schedule to let me interview him. Mr. Girouard has been an assistant principal helping manage school students and staff as well as making the school run smooth and safe, for 8 long years! His only challenges are communicating throughout the community and with busy parents. Do you want to know something completely and utterly insane!?!?! Get this, Mr. Girouard used to be a middle school math teacher! During his 17 years, many people had advised him to look into becoming an assistant principle. Even though Mr. Girouard taught math, his favorite subject is really.....Science! So you might want to consider recommending some non-fiction books about science because, it's his favorite genre! Yup you heard it all here folks! That’s the scoop on that tall bald man

Behind the scenes C.J.F.

Ever wonder what our hamburgers are made of? Ever wonder how much money our school spends on our school lunches a week? How about When our lunches are prepared? Well, all of those questions are answered in this article! On Friday morning, Mrs. Visceglio, took time out of her busy schedule to answer all of those questions and more!

Every morning Mrs. Visceglio and her fellow lunch ladies serve about 100 students for breakfast and about 300 students for lunch. That adds up to about $1,500 dollars a week.All meals are freshly made each day. Any extra food is put into bowls and served at the next lunch and, if it’s something that can be made into a delicious soup, this soup is on the menu the next day. All of our lunches are pre-planned and based on how many calories students our age should consume for lunch.

Mrs. Visceglio has a very important motto “ I don’t serve anything that I would not eat.” Mrs. Visceglio’s favorite meal is any salad she serves. Her favorite meal to serve is pizza. Mrs. Visceglio’s favorite part of the job is seeing all the kids everyday. “ They always seem happy to see me even when they're having a bad day.” Mrs. Visceglio has not only worked at Mattacheese for 10 years but also 5 years at Station Avenue Elementary.

And, you don't have to worry about the hamburgers! They are all beef and not mystery meat!

Sports With Sam

Through out the close game, staff and students both played furiously. Tragically, no heads needed to be shaved due to the tie. Because of the outcome, the hair at stake must have been happy that it's safe, for now. "I'm sort of sad that it was a tie because then we were not able to shave Mr. Tierney's head." This was said by a student who wished to stay anonymous.

Possibly next year, the students will be able to shave a teachers head. Maybe, this calls for a rematch?

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Between February 14-17th, an amazing event happened all over the U.S. It was called the Backyard Bird Count. What this means is that people helped scientists learn more about bird migrations and if bird populations are in danger.

So here’s what happened. People went into their backyards and counted the different species of birds they observed. They sent their data to the bird website called People got to know birds that migrated to their area. They went outside 15 minutes each day to count the different species they saw. After that, they sent their data and information to Bird Count.

Check out the results on the website,

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