Native Americans

Jumanos Location

The Jumanos were located in the Mountains and Basins region of Texas.
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Food They Ate

The Jumanos ate corn, squash, and beans. They hunted animals to eat their meat.

How They Got Their Food

The Jumanos obtained their food by trading agricultural products and hunting with bows and arrows.

How They Lived

They Jumanos lived in adobe brick houses.
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What Weapons They Used

The Jumanos used bows and arrows to hunt animals to eat and use their skin.
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The Jumano had special traditions like drawing distinct striped markings on their faces that made it easy for groups to recognize.
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Their location Today

The Jumanos fought to maintain their territory and their trading relationships but the Apache prevailed. Before Texas became part of the United States the Jumano almost disappeared from the area. Some moved to Mexico and others joined other Native American bands.

Organization Leaders

The Jumanos had a chief in each band which was the leader.

Unique Facts

The Jumano were Puebloan, and acted as middlemen, or go-betweens.