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  • They had two kings ruling
  • They had a 28-member council of elders that limited their powers
  • These men were recruited from the aristocratic Spartiates
  • Oligarchy
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  • When they were born the government decided if they were strong enough to be a Spartan citizen.
  • At the age of seven males would be taken from their mothers and were sent to a special military base to train to be in the military and they had to stay there for 23 years.
  • Spartans ate Black Broth which is meat cooked in blood and vinegar
  • The Spartans religion was Polytheism which means that they worshiped many gods, they worshiped Zeus, Poseidon, Athena.
  • Spartan schooling is when the males were taken from their mothers at the age of seven and they stayed at a special military base and they would train to be in the army.

Important places/buildings and their use

  • acropolis- On top of a hill, fortified, important temples and government buildings there.
  • Agora- Open area below Acropolis, market, other government buildings
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  • Battle of Thermopylae
  • The Spartans fought the Persians
  • Spartans had 600 men and the Persians had 100,00 men
  • The Spartans with the help of other Greeks lost the battle
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Interesting Facts

  • It was a key city-state
  • Spartan warriors were thought to be the best ground fighters
  • In the war against the Persians the Spartans were in charge of the whole army
  • Life in Sparta was based on their army
  • Only Spartans who died in battle and and women who died during birth were entitled to have their name on their gravestones