Weekly Wrap-up

Week of May 9-May 13

ELA Update

We started presenting our poems that we picked from a book or website.

We took our list 19 Wordly Wise Spelling test and studied the meanings of the words. We designed our movie posters for our novel. We also took a gallery walk of the room, looking at the houses the Island of the Blue Dolphins readers built and the movie posters. Finally, we took notes on what we liked about the houses and movie posters and a wish we had about them.

Math and Content Update

  • We had PARCC on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We still have one more session on Monday afternoon.
  • We also had to switch for content.

5th Grade vs. Riderwood Faculty Volleyball Game

Watch as the 5 Graders crush the teachers in great style. Every one tried their hardest. Thank you to the faculty for playing us.

Looking Ahead

Next Wednesday there will be a full Orchestra practice. Next Thursday morning there is a Green Team meeting. Next Thursday, Career day from 9:00 am - 10:50 am. Students will have the chance to learn about the many different career choices that are out there. Full Band practice will be Thursday afternoon.


  • Study for Wordly Wise List 19 Test on Tuesday
  • List 20 Spelling Test on Friday; 20 C, D, and E will be due on Friday
  • Reading in our new novels will be assigned this week

Wordly Wise List 20

  1. ample
  2. burden
  3. compassion
  4. comply
  5. cumbersome
  6. distress
  7. encounter
  8. exert
  9. indignant
  10. jest
  11. mirth
  12. moral
  13. outskirts
  14. resume
  15. ridicule

Communication APPtitude

Check out this App for building vocabulary. The Middle School and the Middle School Lite version directly align with Number the Stars, our current read aloud book, and The Hobbit, which some of the children will begin reading this week. It is a great approach to learning new vocabulary.

*The Middle School Lite version is free!

Thank you, Anthony, Ethan, Ryder and Thomas L., for wrapping up our week!