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October 12 - October 16

Kimberly's Message

Welcome to Week 8! Every week I'm always in disbelief that we are a couple of weeks away from moving into the 2nd 9 weeks of school. The past couple of weeks have been challenging due to the lack of subs. The great news is that we are almost done with Curriculum Planning and life will be back to normal again. The goal of CPM is to impact student learning and to put your team ahead when it comes to team planning and gathering materials for lessons. It takes a lot of hard work and planning to have a successful CPM and I hope that it was valuable to you and your team. PLC was also very successful this week and we accomplished a lot, please continue to review your team's values and norms. They were created to improve how we communicate and interact with each other. It is a great tool to use as a reference during team meetings and your daily actions as a member of a team. It is an expectation that everyone follows their team norms at all times. Enjoy your 3 day weekend and I hope to see everyone at HH.

Weekly Calendar

Monday, October 12th


Tuesday, October 13th

EDC 35

Hummingbird Store

ALMA 2nd

3rd Grade NNAT

Wednesday, October 14th

EDC 36

Wear pink and jeans to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hummingbird Store

1st Grade CPM

Hospitality Meeting - 3:40

Tech Committee

3rd Grade NNAT

Thursday, October 15th

EDC 37

Hummingbird Store



ALMA 3rd

3rd Grade NNAT

Wellness Committee Meeting - 3:40

Friday, October 16th

EDC 38

Report Cards and Awards List are Due - 7:30 a.m.

Speech, ICS Report Card Grade Check

Boss's Day

3rd Grade NNAT

Field Trip Deadline

PLC - 8:10 - 9:10 - Smart Goals

Monday - NO PLC

Tuesday - 1st

Wednesday - 2nd

Thursday - 3rd

Friday - 4th

Arrival and Dismissal Duty Expectations

Below are a couple of reminders about arrival and dismissal

  • No eating while on duty and while monitoring students
  • Do not bring your bags, purses or crates to dismissal duty. While on duty you need to be available to move freely to assist with students or emergencies as they arise. Your school day ends at 3:30 and your time before 3:30 should not be spent packing up.
  • Refrain from talking to colleagues while students are present and should be monitored. Active monitoring should be happening at all times
  • All non classroom teachers should be on duty by 2:55 p.m.
  • All classroom teachers should be at their classroom door by 2:58 p.m., you should be monitoring students in the hallway and in your classroom

Shout Outs

  • Ms. Kutiev for always showing her love and care for her students. Seen in the hallways always smiling and having every one of her students under her wing. from Coach Sallee
  • Ms. Ghani for working miracles in her new room.
  • Ms. Walker for making sure 1st grade had money for their field trip in time and for getting the fundraiser information out to students along with the t-shirt order. You are appreciated.
  • Ms. Huynh and her team for organizing their first field trip of the year.
  • The following people for submitting grants Ms. Huynh, Ms. Dennison, Ms. Purdy, Ms. Cavazos, Ms. Vallarta,
  • Ms. Jones, Mr. Endsley, Ms. McKenzie and Ms. Williams for pricing items for the Hummingbird store and Mr. Sallee for downloading the video.
  • The Block team for being flexible when it came to receiving extra students when a class needed to be split.
  • Ms. Hooper (traveling nurse) complimented our staff for making her feel welcome.
  • Mr. Endsley for updating the marquee with current information at the last minute
  • The first grade team for having a great time on their field trip and for returning on time with all of their students
  • Ms. Dennis and Ms. Solis for creating a positive office experience and for always being professional with difficult parents
  • Congratulations to Ms. Payton, Ms. Middleton and Ms. Curry for passing their ESL test.

Teaching Social Skills to Young Children

Are there any adults in your life who probably didn't get enough instruction on basic social skills when they were preschoolers? While these folks can be a bit annoying at times, it's probably wise to remember that their lack of relational finesse has probably made their own lives less than peachy. When I remember this, it's easier for me to remain empathetic with them. It also reminds me why it's so important to help our young children learn the basic social graces.

Most of this teaching should take place in the classroom of real world experience. That is, at the very moment our children are interacting with others. Listed below are just a few of the things we ought to expect our children to do:

Shake people's hands and look into their eyes.


Say "hello."

Say "thank you" when complimented.

Say "please."

Say "goodbye" and wish people well.

I'm constantly amazed at how many times parents fail to teach these skills to our children. Parents fail to expect these things out of their preschoolers. Instead, their children are allowed to snub others or to hide behind their parents' backs.

The Power of Words

Please watch the video and the first person to email with an example of how you changed your words this week to positively impact a student or one of your colleagues.
The Power of Words

ON TIME CLUB - You must not be absent and you must sign in daily! Congrats Everyone

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