Terrible Tornadoes

the villian of nature

School Attack

In May, 20, 2013 a school in Oklahoma was destroyed by F 5 tornado some called it Moore tornado it killed 24 people 3 years ago including a teacher and a principle .


Tornadoes are these whirling columns cloud of air with wind that spins at hundreds of kilometer per hour !!!They are the most destructive form of weather on earth that's what makes you ask "WHY MOTHER NATURE".Tornadoes form during a thunder storm and they look like a ice cream cone .The most dangerous tornadoes comes from dangerous thunder storm called super cell .Tornadoes from as a thunder storm forms warm humid air begins rising upward .

Wind Speed!!!!!

scale/ wind speed

  1. f 0 /40-72 mph
  2. f 1/73-112 mph
  3. f 2/113-154 mph
  4. f 3/158-206 mph
  5. f 4/207-260 mph
  6. f 5/261-318 mph