2/10/2014 Negotiation Update


Negotiations stalled today as the District stated that they have reached the maximum parameters set by the School Board and won’t be coming with another financial proposal . The max parameters are as follows:

2013-2014: $1200 stipend, no step movement until July 1, 2014 , no lane movement, no back pay.

· 2014-2015: 1.75% increase on the salary schedule, and steps and lanes.

This is far below the state average of a 1.95% increase in year 1 and 2.22% increase in year 2.

The District is NOT moving from their stance regarding teachers as substitutes: Only licensed staff who are assigned an instructional classroom of 5 or more students for the majority of the instructional day will be paid.

The District is also NOT moving from their stance regarding PLCs: They want the present agreement to be removed in order to give flexibility to principals without staff input. This removal would mean that principals could require as many PLC/Data Team/Collaborative Team meetings per month as they feel necessary.

Next Board Meeting: February 25, 6:00 p.m. It’s time to organize! Details will be coming, along with a survey.