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The Trails West

Importance of the Mountain Men

Mountain men are men who live independently. They make their living by beavers. They kill the beavers and they sell the fur to businessmen who make hats out of it, which is the new fad. They also use their furs as trade for new trappers. They trade in a center called a rendezvous.

The problem is that they have used the same streams for so long, that they have killed off all of the animals. They are in search for new, abundant streams. They are moving to the far4 west and reporting back to us about that uncharted territory. Hopefully we get more fur soon! -Claire Scott

Why people are moving west

People are moving west to make financial income. The mountain men are the first to be giving us first hand knowledge of the land out west.They started moving west to find new beaver rivers to skin animals.

Eventually land speculators bought large areas of land. They would sell it in smaller portions which would give them income. They traveled using the South Pass. Using the South Pass had many advantages. -Adam Dubsky

Ye Olde Oregon Trail

Lately missionaries have been traveling to the Oregon Territory on the Oregon Trail. They have been traveling from Missouri to the Oregon Territory in search of rich land. The missionaries are going there by the rugged Oregon trail. This all started last year in 1843 when over 1,000 people went from Missouri to Oregon territory, and this year people traveling there doubled for their 2,000 mile journey. This is an ¨Oregon Fever¨ people reported wheat tall as men and pigs running around after they were cooked!

The adventure was long and hard, but the land would be filled with hardships and fortune. Survival will depend on cooperation so wagon trails should be formed. Settlers might face illnesses, fever, and death even. It is all worth it for when you will see the rich land of Oregon.-Sean Springer

Ye Olde Santa Fe Trail

Traders are now able to trade in more areas, thanks to the Santa Fe Trail. The Santa Fe Trail is a long road built for trading. The Santa Fe Trail stretches all of the way from Missouri to Santa Fe. The traders are transporting their goods on wagons and animals. Soon, we will be able to trade in every state everywhere.- Claire Scott

Ye Olde Mormon Trail

The mormons Have been on their move west trying to find peace, In 1847 they started in new york and are heading to Utah and Mexico.There getting there through the oregon trail. The one leading the trip is their leader Brigham Young. They have not been moving the whole time, They settled by the Great salt lake and they made Dams and canals to collect water. Through their teamwork they made the dessert there home.-matt B

The Texas Revolution And War With Mexico

Ye Olde Problems with Mexico and Spain

Mexico and Spain aren’t the best of friends. Spain had nice rich soil on their land in Texas. Even though mexico gained independence a couple of years ago Americans resented following Mexican law, and when Mexico outlawed slavery in 1829 persuasion led to still having slavery. America was unwilling to adapt to Mexican law. Mexico threw the whole state of Texas into a revolution, and they closed the state into further American immigration. The Battle of the Alamo might lead to more problems. JUST IN!! 183 Alamo defenders have died.

The Mexican army has gone down in the Battle at San Jacinto half of Mexicans have died. Texas has won their independence ladies and gentlemen. Texas should now be known as the Lone Star Republic, and a flag with one star. I have to predict against everyone else that texas will be an independent republic state for the next 10 or so years. - Sean Springer

Texas Gains Independence

Stephen Austin and people from mexico do not like Mexican laws and government. They wanted to move to Texas. The new Mexican government would consent only if the new settlers who agreed to become Mexican citizens. They also agreed to become members of the Roman Catholic Church and people do not like that idea.

Austin traveled to mexico to persuade the new Mexican government to let him start his own colony. They finally let him. The success of Austin’s colony attracted more land speculators and settlers to Texas from the United States. The new colony attracted 297 new families. -Alexis Kunovich

Manifest Destiny and Trouble between the United States and Mexico

John O'Sullivan has much bigger trouble brewing with Mexico over texas. Congress admitted Texas as a slave state, in spite of Northern objections to the spread of slavery. Hoping to settle the dispute peacefully, polk sent John slidell, a spanish-speaking ambassador, to offer Mexico $25 million for Texas, California, and New Mexico. But slidellś diplomacy failed. On April 25, a Mexican cavalry unit crossed the Rio Grande.

Maryan morkos

War With Mexico

It all started in 1845 Congress admitted Texas as a slave state. However Mexico had claimed Texas as their own. Mexico viewed this as an act of war. Texas and Mexico could not agree on a boundary. Troops were stationed on the bank of Rio Grande.

Mexico ambushed the American soldiers and injured or killed 16 of them. Two days later we declared war. After many fights and many deaths the war was finally over. Today in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Mexico has recognized that Texas is part of the United States.-Adam Dubsky

Completing Manifest Destiny

The United States gained its last bit of land in 1853 from mexico. It was called the Gadsden Purchase and it was sold for 10 Million dollars. After it was bought the United States now stretched from sea to shining sea. On july 4 1848, in Washington, President polk laid the cornerstone of a monument to honor George Washington. In august they found gold in california which will lead to the gold rush.-Matt Bias


Reasons For Immigration

People from Britain, Ireland, Germany, (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) and China are immigrating to the United States. People move because of the way their homeland is crop failure, population growth.

Some more reasons are agriculture changes, industrial revolution, religious and political freedom, economic opportunity, and abundant land. They also took ocean voyages to get to the United States. -Alexis Kunovich

German and Scandinavian Immigration

Public land in America was sold for $1.25 an acre, which lured thousands of Scandinavians.In the 1800s,German Christian immigrants included both Catholics and Protestants.For instance, in 1853 John Jacob Bausch and Henry lomb started a firm to make eyeglasses and other lenese

Maryan morkos

Irish Immigration

Ireland is ruled by Britain and they aren’t giving rights to the catholic, which is the majority of the population. Due to that harsh uling, some of them are fleeting here. Another reason is their severe potato famine. Their biggest food supply are potatoes, and they are at an all time low. The Irish are coming to America and becoming city dwellers, because they came with almost no money, and in some cases none. They have very demanding jobs with little income. To help the poor Irish immigrants, call 123-456-7890-Claire Scott

Cities After Immigration

Lately the Irish, Native-Born Americans, and Germans have been coming over to America. They have been coming here to solve their problems such as: Crop failure, land and job shortages, rising taxes, and famines (scarcity of food). They are getting over here on boats across the Atlantic.

From this year to last year New York’s population has rocketed up from 60,489 people to 202,589 people, and St. Louis has been doubling their population each year and shouldn’t stop for 7 more years or so. This growth in people brought problems with it, there hasn’t been enough housing lately for people, and their outdoor toilets have been overflowing, spreading diseases. On top of all of this crime rates are going up recently.

Before the populations have been rising New York didn’t even have a police force, it only had a volunteer fire department.

This could be a great opportunity for politicians though, some sources have said politicians have been offering help to immigrants in exchange for support. -Sean Springer

Opposition to Immigration

Some native born Americans fear that Immigrants are too foreign to learn the american ways or that they might outnumber them. It started in the 1800s when protestants believed that catholics threatened democracy. They feared the pope was plotting to overthrow Democracy in America.

Some natives refused to hire Immigrants And they put up signs like “no Irish need apply”. In the 1850s nativists created a political party called the “know nothing party”.They wanted to cut immigration off. In spite of such barriers as prejudice,the immigration of 1800 had a big impact on American culture.-Matt Bias

Reforming American society, Women's rights and Slavery

Impact of Religion

In the 1830s, Americans also began to demand better school. In 1837, Massachusetts set up the first state board of education in the United states. In 1849, English immigrant Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to earn a medical degree in the United States.African Americans also faced obstacles to getting an education.John Russwurm received one in 1826 and later began the first African American newspaper.

-Maryan morkos

Improving Society and Workers Rights

Factory work was noisy, boring, and

Unsafe. In the 1830s, American workers

Began to organize. In 1836, the mill owners

Raised the rent of the company-owned

Boarding houses where the women lived.

About 1,500 women went on strike, stopping

Work to demand better conditions. For 1840

President martin van Buren ordered a ten-hour

Workday for government workers.

-Maryan morkos

Improving Education and help for the Needy

Americans want to have better schools. The head of this new schooling is Horace Mann. Mann called this “the great equalizer.” He also argued that “Education creates or develops new treasures- treasures never before possessed or dreamed by anyone.” Many northern States have started to open Elementary Schools and Public High Schools. African Americans started to receive higher education and graduate college.

Caring for the needy lots of people were not physically ill they were mentally ill, they were locked up in cold dirty jail cells. Debtors, life long criminals, and child offenders were put in the same jail cells which was not safe and also not healthy.-Alexis Kunovich

Calls to End Slavery

In the 1850s, Frances Ellen Watkins and other African Americans were pushing for slavery to be abolished. Although slavery has been outlawed in most Northern states it can still be found in many southern states. To have their voices heard many people wrote newspapers and gave speeches. Many of these people were former slaves.

Slaves are currently using a system called the Underground system to run away to freedom. Many travel on foot and some even took wagons, boats, and trains. Slaves are either fighting for freedom or running to it. -Adam Dubsky

Calls for Women's Rights

Women’s rights were very limited in the last couple of years. This all started in Ohio and that women don’t have equal rights as men such as: voting, couldn’t attend certain schools, no women in the military, and more. Women lately have been holding conventions to speak about their rights, and have been protesting such as walking through streets holding signs and standing their ground for their rights.

Susan B. Anthony plays a big part in this movement. She was a skilled organizer and also worked with anti slavery. Women still suffer their rights to this day and I’d guess even till around the 1900s.- Sean Springer

California Gold Rush

Life Before The Gold Rush

Before the gold rush happened California was populated with about 150000 Native Americans and 8000 to 12000 Californios. When Mexico owned California, its government feared American immigration and rarely gave land to foreigners. One important Californio was Mariano Vallejo, he was a member of one of the oldest Spanish families in America he owned 250000 acres of land.

-Alexis Kunovich

California Finds Gold

James Marshall hits the jackpot! James is the first to strike gold. Lately California has been booming with settlers in search of becoming rich in a gold rush. Many miners are going down to look for gold.

Americans all over are rushing to California to get their own share of gold. People out on the east will have about three main ways to get to California:

  1. An 18,000 mile trip around South America and up the Pacific

  2. Sail to the Isthmus of Panama cross overland.

  3. Travel across North America

All these ways are difficult but may pay off. Many miners found gold out of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Our Colonel R. B. Mason says all the gold might be able to pay for the war right now with Mexico.

In the next couple of year many people will be traveling to California, even thousands of people. So get there soon if you want to strike luck and make a living!- Sean Springer

Conflicts Among Miners

The newly found gold in California is leading to many conflicts among miners. American Miners are currently forcing foreigners out of gold fields. Doing so removes some of the competition. One way they are removing foreigner miners is imposing a tax on them. The people driven from mines are opening up shops and restraunts in a small community called Chinatown. -Adam Dubsky

Impact of the Gold Rush

Since the gold rush ended over here in ye olde California, many things have changed. Some of the changes are good, however, some aren’t that great. While lots of people are loving this land and reveling in the victory of their findings, some are forced to leave.

The ending of the gold rush is bringing many good things in California. The gold rush has brought an astonishing 250,000 people here in California. Finally, the best news yet, due to the dramatic incline in population, California became qualified and is now a state! What else could we ask for in ye olde California.

Unfortunately, with all of this good news, there is some very bad news for some people. One of these people is the Californios. The people that are fled to California didn’t respect them. They disregarded their rights. In some cases, the Americans often took away their land. However, that isn’t the worst thing has been happening to people.

The Native American have been mistreated more than the Californios. Diseases brought from the newcomers are killing thousands, while thousands more are being hunted and killed. They are being killed specifically by the Anglo-American belief that Native Americans stand in the way of progress. Do you think that the impact of the gold rush was worth it?-Claire Scott

Lives and Conflicts Among Miners

The Miners in the camps didn't have it easy. It was a rough living in the mining camps, first of all they were dangerous and had lots of violence and it was a very small chance of finding gold. The miners spent their days standing knee deep in icy rivers where they Sifted through tons of mud and sand looking for gold. They also had to pay high prices for basic needs.

About two thirds of the miners were white How ever Native Americans, free blacks , and enslaved Africans also mined in the camps. Thousand of experienced miners from mexico came Others came from Europe and Asia, every 1 in 10 immigrants were Chinese and they were used to the back breaking work. As the number of Chinese miners grew, so did the american anger toward them also increased- Matt Bias