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April 26,13

What is Going On?

April 26, Newsletter

Math: The focus this week will be multiplication and arrays. An array is a pictorial model for teaching multiplication. (looks like area) Students will find arrays around the classroom and create their own pictorial models. Students will use on-hand manipulatives to group and then multiply. Toward the end of this week, students will get to have fun with a Multiplication Menu! Daily, students will be using different strategies to better understand multiplication. If you think your child is snappy at addition and subtraction facts, I would move them on to Multiplication facts over the summer. I know their 3rd grade teacher would appreciate it.

Science: On Monday Gillian’s Grandfather is coming to talk to us about working at NASA. He helped with communication on Apollo missions. This is perfect timing while we are studying the Moon and such. The spotlight in science will be: wrapping up our topic of objects in the night sky. We will start our Economics unit in Social Studies.

Social Studies: We will start our Economics unit. Students will be learning the value of work! We will discuss what it means to be producers and consumers in the production of goods and services. They will be introduced to the differences between goods vs. services. We will be learning about these economic topics through discussion, video, charts and passages from our Social Studies textbook.

Reading: We are gearing up for starting our animal research this week! Students will be utilizing their knowledge they have been collecting by reading non-fiction and will work on using those non-fiction text features. We will be organizing our information as we gather it onto graphic organizers.


Please check out eBackpack for electronic copies of flyers and handouts from the school and PTA!

On the calendar....

Friday, April 26th-Kona Ice Day from PTA after our lunch today!!

Saturday, April 27 - Sommer Day at the Round Rock Express –

May 3rd-Carnival

May 7th- Volunteer Luncheon (check my email for invitation link)

Last week second graders took a series of benchmark tests in math, reading and writing. The scores from these tests were sent home Friday and Monday of last week. The data that this test provides helps teachers to see what concepts are understood and which concepts or skills still need work before the school year ends. It also gives a first glimpse into how your child works through a more standardized testing method. These scores are not used on report cards. When looking over the results, keep in mind the following things:

FOR MATH RESULTS: This is the first time that your child has tested using a format that is more standard to upper grade testing. They will have plenty of opportunities to master this format before the actual STAAR test.

Students used paper and pencil more than the typical hands-on manipulative sessions used in


Parts of the test were read aloud which could prove to be a distraction to some that aren’t accustomed to read aloud tests or having to wait for peers.


• The format being used is new to your child. He/She will need many exposures to master the expectations of going back and carefully checking each answer after reading a passage.

• There were 2 reading passages that required students to flip back and forth, use only the

information provided, and students needed to try to prove where they found their answers.

• There was a revise or edit passage that required students to figure out errors within specific

sentences. It takes practice to become comfortable with this format.

• It takes stamina to read multiple passages, answer questions, then revise/edit a passage.

Teachers have gone over the tests in class with the children and discussed all errors. Students corrected

The kids have gone over the math benchmark errors in pen and marked whether the error was due to carelessness (marked with a C ) or a need for the concept to be re-taught (marked with an R). Many times, students realize that the errors made were more careless than trouble with the concept. Teachers also discussed the reading and writing benchmark with classes and went over what may have been a tricky part and why. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email. The actual test cannot be sent home due to it being a benchmark test that is used with second graders across the district.

2nd grade teachers are hungry on Friday. If you can help, we really appreciate a lunch out on Fridays. We don’t have any parents for the rest of the year.

Thank you very much to Mrs. Divino, Mrs. Freeman, and Mrs. Streu for making our salt dough! The kids had a blast! We appreciate your dough making skills! It was perfect!

Have a great weekend!